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Pack of Sprinkles (Minatures)

Pack of Sprinkles (Minatures)

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Itty bitty versions (2.25”) of our model line up! These Sprinkles are perfect for squishing, collecting, and admiring.

Each Sprinkles pack comes with 3 random models. You’ll never know what color you’ll receive! They can be sparkly, UV reactive, Glow in the dark, thermal color changing, and more! Please keep in mind that you are not guaranteed to receive a color pictured in the listing photo.

Sprinkles are NOT full sized toys and are NOT intended for internal use. Please note that these items are handmade. Small scuffs/scratches, mold texture, and small enough pigment spots may not be considered defects under the discretion of the shop. 

By purchasing this listing you are accepting and agreeing to our TOS. 

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