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FLOP Small Marrow NC 0031 UV

FLOP Small Marrow NC 0031 UV

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  • Small Size
  • Flopped for a very light stain from flower pollen (photoshoot gone bad) 
  • Cast in 0031 Near Clear platinum Silicone (soft) with body safe cosmetic grade pigments. 
  • you’ll receive the exact toy pictured above.
  • Marrow is handmade and might have insignificant mold texture/flaws. This will not be considered a defect or flop. 


  • Small Sized Marrow

Total length- 6”

Usable Length 5”

Usable Max Circumference (tongue) 5.5”

Like all our products, Marrow is hand made of 100% platinum cure silicone and body safe pigments. Due to their handmade nature small scuffs, mold texture, and occasional small pigment spots will not be considered defects.

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